AIBP Proud Member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers



​​Fashion inspired and artfully crafted, we have such an awesome team consisting of many skilled professional hair and makeup artists including the ever-so talented Sarah Messer (owner of the one and only Salon D’va) and the fabulous Tacey Rawbeauty  and of course a super funny and insanely outgoing boudoir photographer (moi), and a super talented and beautiful wife (Jill) who accompanies and poses our clients, which creates a recipe for awesome superhero stuff!  We’re like Batman and one of those powerpuff girls I swear.  Together, we will carefully help select your wardrobe to give you the look and style you desire. Your photo shoot will then be skillfully directed to capture the beautiful and desirable woman you are. This is a luxurious session full of unlimited laughs and not to mention, the pampering!


What do we do to cater our shoots to meet your needs?
Ok. Our pre-consultations are geared to get to know a little bit about YOU! What makes you tick, what you love, if you like Darth Vader, celebrity fashion, or playing in the creek (crick if you’re from around here). When we get to our session, (posing, lighting and retouching techniques) is geared towards each individual and of course our HMU artists adhere to the same!

High quality product.
I’m a HUGE believer in you get what you pay for.  Sometimes, I elect to buy cheap on some items, and I expect that it won’t last long. I’m ok with that. But when I want something that will last, make me feel great about myself, and have that luxurious appeal, I want to make sure it’s high quality! I strive to offer you the best product possible from my services to you, the photography and all the through to the end product.

Attention to detail.
So here’s the weird thing. I have my MBA from Indiana State University with an undergrad in marketing. I’ve also worked the last 8 years as an engineer.  Now innately, I was not very detailed, but having worked as an engineer, I became meticulous with my craft.  I won’t even pick up my camera until every detail in the composition is addressed. Your comfort and happiness is of the utmost concern.

I’m certainly not a fan of the cliche’ shots. I am constantly looking for ways to push the rules of photography to find something a little different. Fashion is no different. I’m a HUGE fan of high heels I swear my wife thinks  I should be in the LGBT community.  I’m ALWAYS checking out women’s fashion and giving advice, even to my colleagues.  

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