Tony was very professional from the beginning! At first I thought it would be awkward and uncomfortable being so vulnerable in front of another male stranger. During the shoot I was treated with the utmost respect for my body and my ultimate goal for the photo shoot was accomplished beautifully well!! – KL

… I’m BLOWN out of the water by his craft … As a fitness model if had the opportunity to shoot with many talents photographers. Tony by far sits at the top of my lift!! – Holly

Ladies you should try it!! I did pics last year with them. They are very professional and I was totally comfortable. I should lose weight but didn’t but they made my pics all so very flattering. Trust if you think about it you won’t do it. Just try it! – Ashley

I have never had such a wonderful experience in front of the camera! I cannot say enough positive things about the session or the outcome. Exceptional! – Erin

I’m in love with the final pictures and I can’t wait to get the book in my hands! I wish I could have them all in the book!!! – DW

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